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*~The Canvirries~* is about us- Victoria, Tsering and Chingri who have been friends since high school.We've derived our blog name from each of our sun signs. Victoria -Cancer (Can), Tsering- Virgo (Vir), Chingri- Aries (Ries) We are a pure definition of how friendship exists between even the most different people. We aren't always together but its the unselfish bond that keeps our friendship alive.
We all have different tastes in things that life has to offer. Victoria has a huge passion for all things fashion (Mimzy's Closet), Tsering in food (The Purple Patissier) and Chingri in entertainment and books (Chings etc). But we blog about anything and almost everything.
So, do check our blog out. You'll find at least something that interests you, and with 600 + followers, I say we're going in the right direction.

Thank You For Visiting!

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  1. I like Victoria... ;) chen..chen...chen...chen...


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